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Monday, September 30

Monday Rush: Waiting For Something

Gelo waiting for something to show up.
Monday has always and will always be the busiest day of the week and take note it is also my most earliest time to prepare. Hay! Life of the working class, why is it that work is so hard. Anyway like one of the commercials asking "para kanino ka gumigising ng maaga?" (to whom you're waking up early?), we all wake up early because we have plenty of reason to do so and as a dad I'm waking up early to go to work to earn for my family. They are my reason!

Today, it's not a particular day because this day is something that me and my wife are looking forward for something.  Yup!  We're waiting for something that will definitely going to make this coming month another month to look forward to.  A month that will definitely change the course of life a little bit inclined to something wonderful.

For what ever we're waiting for God only knows what, when and how it will come to us.  Since life is full of surprises and God loves to surprise His children we're holding on to that and on to the promise.

If that time comes we will definitely a debt lesser than before because we will paying off some of our financial obligation.  For me, as much as possible I want to clear all that financial obligations but life is not what we think it is and what we wanted to be.  Like I said only God knows everything and His plan for us are already laid down.  What we only need is to keep the faith and wait for that right time.

What about you, what are you waiting for?
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