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Saturday, October 5

Daddy Day Care: Jollibee's Birthday Bash

My sons are very fond of Jollibee, they like him very much that they always tell his name.  My youngest son would always say "Bee" whenever he sees his picture while my eldest would always tell and point us the location whenever he sees a store.  Aside from that they always watch the Jollitown TV Series.  I think if we could only have a complete set of the seasons of Jollitown TV Series I'm sure they will definitely watch them all. 

Last week, our whole family was invited to Jollibee's Surprise Birthday Bash in PICC.  The two boys were very eager, well of course it's Jollibee and Friends.  They couldn't contain their thrill and excitement to see Jollibee and the rest of the gang.  

Since this is Jollibee's birthday bash, members of the Jollibee Kids Club together with their family and friends were there also at the venue.  I could really tell that these Moms, Dads and Kids truly love Jollibee.  Imagine even though it was raining and the place is not quite accessible, still these people were there to celebrate with Jollibee just like us.

Well, this is Jollibee's biggest celebration yet, so meaning there will be more celebration to come and I'm pretty sure that Moms and Dads will support their kids just to be in an event like this.  This celebration is in line with the fast-food chain's 35th anniversary that's why kids present during the event enjoyed exciting party games with cool prizes, interactive activities, dance numbers and surprise guest appearances.  Guess who appeared on stage?  Well, it's none other than Sam Concepcion, he sung few of his songs and greeted Jollibee.  

As for us, well the kids really enjoyed their day and take note our seat was near the stage so Maki and Gelo enjoyed the show very much.  I remembered Gelo waving to Jollibee even though Jollibee couldn't see him.  Hahaha!

As of this year this is the jolliest birthday celebration that my kids have attended.  And according to our source some of the scenes of the birthday bash will also be seen on Jollitown's season six finale which will air on October 12 at 8:45 AM on GMA 7.

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