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Friday, October 25

Friday Toys: The Bling Bling Old School

Okay Dads and Moms, today is TGIF  which means THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!  Here at Daddy Yashiro's Journal Friday means Friday Toys in which I'm sure you're waiting for what toys we're going to feature for today err tonight.

Today we're going to feature some of the old school toys that I've played when I was still young.  This is something that we, parents, should impart to our kids.  This is one way that brought our imaginations and creativity come to life with just playing the basic toys that we had before.   This is not a throwback Thursday meme but it is somewhat a Friday Flashback meme.  Hahaha!

I have posted the picture once on some of my social networking sites and many of the same age as me commented about it.  So here's the story.

Maki and Gelo with their improvised Bling Bling

It was one of the weekends that me and kids are strolling around in my mom's garden and I saw this particular plant and I remember what we usually does with its leaves.   So, since the kids doesn't know it very much I got one leaf and showed it to them and told them that me and their Tita She were playing with it when we were kids.  Of course they were puzzled.  They don't have any clue how it will become something.  In other words I showed them how it can be made into a bling bling but in our time it was just a simple necklace with a pendant.   When final product was done they were happy and pointed to the leaves to get more and create more.   As shown in the picture above that's our toy necklace or bling bling during our time.

In making it just make sure an adult guides the children.  It's even fun when played with the whole family.  You can have a fashion show of bling blings and necklaces.

How about you, have you tried teaching or showing them your old improvised toys?

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