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Friday, October 18

Friday Toys: Sponge Bob Write & Play Toys

Okay I admit I'm not really a fan of Sponge Bob and I don't like the animated TV Show but I somehow like the look of the character.  Crazy isn't it?  And it's a bit ironic right too, right?  Liking something that you're not a fan of, well lets just say that I got some issues with how the story in the TV Show is presented but I'm not going to discuss it full here since this is our toy segment of Daddy Yashiro's Journal.   Okay.

In as much as I wanted to influence my kids not to watch the animated TV show, well the character is already an icon and one of the well love character by the kids and the not-so-kids-no-more.   So in short they do get to see and watch it sometimes.   And what's more ironic is that we do get some items and toys with Sponge Bob design.  Hay....

So, for this Daddy Yashiro's Journal's Friday Toys we're featuring Sponge Bob Write and Play Toys.  You've already seen the Sponge Bob Booklet on top with its three interchangeable face having its nose as its lock.  Of course it got papers inside where you can write.

The next one is Squidward, the grumpy tentacled neighbor of Sponge Bob.  The character is designed with a moving head and is infused with a marking pen which is a match with the Sponge Bob booklet.   Kids will surely love to write and play with it.

The next one is one of the main character in Sponge Bob.  Who else but Sponge Bob's trusty old friend Patrick the star fish.  The character is designed with lighting glow that seamlessly changes its color from one color to another.   Though not much light to be as a lamp but is just good enough to watch and enjoy the turning of light colors.  What's good is that kids enjoy looking at this one, I can say that because my kids enjoyed it.

So where did we get this well it was a free toy from the Jolli Kiddie meal that we had.  Of course its one toy per kiddie meal.

All this are great for kids who's already into scribbling as they can practice their hands strokes and grips.  As usual these toys are for kids with the right age.  Three years old below are off from these toys perhaps they can only enjoy the light color changing character Patrick the Star Fish.

So what do you think Moms and Dads these are good for your kids for practicing their scribbling and writing?

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