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Sunday, November 24

This Generations Choice, Jollibee Choice Ko Yum Awards 2013

One way of knowing your kids are coming along with them or get involved with what they do or you can simply spy on them.  Of course you don't have to be a well trained agent to spy on your kids but I'm sure you don't have to because like I said all you have to do is know what they do and where they go.  That is cool enough without them noticing it.  Well I'm not yet sure of what I'll be doing when that time comes and when my little ones become teens.

anyway it is still soon but for now I'll just be getting ready and practice attending teen events like this recently concluded Choice Ko Yum Awards 2013 which was held at the Music Museum.  Gladly, I'm no alien to this place and it's great to be on this place again.

Friday, November 22

Friday Toys: Fossorial Emperor Toy Bricks

Great Friday readers!  Sorry that we missed to post our review of this interesting toy last week.  We got this for our son, Maki and he liked it very much.  Actually both of them got new toys and the youngest, Gelo, got a kiddie laptop which I will be sharing on my next post.    These toys are our early Christmas gift to them.

So lets get on with the toy review!

The name of the toy on the box says "Fossorial Emperor" then in big letters "Toy Bricks" so I'm not sure which one is the name of the toy and the character.  What's a little bit interesting with this toy is that it is also a constructional toy just like some of the well known toys that we usually assemble when we, parents, were kids.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.   Since this is a constructional toy this is great for kids in doing assembling activity.  I think it will help them become more eager when it comes to assembling different parts and also cognitively will enhance their imaginative thoughts.

Saturday, November 16

Health Issues: Tension Headache

Okay I have been away for a few days already from this blog and hadn't post any updates or stories about me or anything in particular.  For the past few days all I did was lie down, walk a little, mingle with the kids, and check my social media networks once in a while.  It was good to rest but if you get used to do things it's boring, unfortunately I have to bear that.  I was down for four days.

So what was the story behind this almost a week of uneasy and uncomfortable feeling well, according to the doctor whom I consulted on the second day, I'm suffering from tension headache.  I was thankful that it's not high blood.  The doctor prescribed me some muscle relaxing medicine to reduce the tension that causing the headache but was also instructed to check and monitor my blood pressure.

Monday, November 11

Monday Rush: Time Is Ticking, Help in Every Way We Can

Daddy Yashiro's Journal is dedicating this Monday Rush to share a call to help the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda.  Through this blog post we do hope that we could at least help and reach generous hearts who are willing to help and share some of their blessings.

Through World Vision you can course your help and assistance for the survivors and victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Friday, November 8

Friday Toys: Pokemon Toys

It's Friday Toys and we got something new to share from Jollibee.  If you're kids or even you an adult already but are big fan of Pokemon well you'd better get a hold of this toys for your kids and of course for your collection as well if you're collecting.

As Daddy Yashiro's Journal's Friday Toy series we're checking out the toys and shares our thoughts about it.  So here we go and bear with us.

Zap, bam and splash are just some of the words that you'll be hearing with the world’s cutest fighting pets from the hit animated TV show, Pokemon and these toys are available with Jollibee Kids Meal's Pokemon Battle Gear.  Feel like Ash as a trainer with these lovable “pocket monsters” toys namely Pikachu, Tepig and Oshawott.   Kids and kids-at-heart can now enjoy a whole day of fun and exciting battles while munching their favorite Jollibee treats.

Saturday, November 2

Halloween and All Saints Day Plus the All Souls Day

Well, this weekend is just one of the long weekends as.  It having days like this makes it even happier with the kids.   We don't have events and activities during the Halloween and All Saints Day, we just stayed in the house and do what we can do.  Since we didn't participate in Halloween parties and trick or treating we decided to have a little costume and modeling in the house.

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