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Friday, November 22

Friday Toys: Fossorial Emperor Toy Bricks

Great Friday readers!  Sorry that we missed to post our review of this interesting toy last week.  We got this for our son, Maki and he liked it very much.  Actually both of them got new toys and the youngest, Gelo, got a kiddie laptop which I will be sharing on my next post.    These toys are our early Christmas gift to them.

So lets get on with the toy review!

The name of the toy on the box says "Fossorial Emperor" then in big letters "Toy Bricks" so I'm not sure which one is the name of the toy and the character.  What's a little bit interesting with this toy is that it is also a constructional toy just like some of the well known toys that we usually assemble when we, parents, were kids.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.   Since this is a constructional toy this is great for kids in doing assembling activity.  I think it will help them become more eager when it comes to assembling different parts and also cognitively will enhance their imaginative thoughts.

This "Toy Bricks", aside from being a constructional toy in the form of a backhoe truck it can also be deformed to form another piece which is the robot version.  Through its 45 degree angle of free rotation this engineering toy series converts into a robot form.  So, kids can enjoy two form of toys in just one.  This backhoe constructional toy also have two more that can be collected the "Bulldozing Envoy" which is a bulldozer and "The Hercules" which is a forklift.

This toy, according to the box, used an environmentally friendly non-toxic ABS materials.  I'm pretty sure moms and dads who read the ABS term would be rolling their eyes and wonders what it means.  So the purposes of letting everyone be informed I actually tried and looked for the term on the net and this is what I got, the ABS is the cheapest form of plastic which stands of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.  I'm a chemist so I don't have any much idea about this material.  As always and as part of the law this box also shows warnings and instructions like the famous "3+ Ages" which means ages below 3 years old are not allowed to play this kind of toys as it includes smalls parts that is choking hazard.

With this toy kids can expand their thought of being creative and of course a slight training of following rules on how to construct the material.

So do you have a similar toy like this?  Hope you could share!

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