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Saturday, November 16

Health Issues: Tension Headache

Okay I have been away for a few days already from this blog and hadn't post any updates or stories about me or anything in particular.  For the past few days all I did was lie down, walk a little, mingle with the kids, and check my social media networks once in a while.  It was good to rest but if you get used to do things it's boring, unfortunately I have to bear that.  I was down for four days.

So what was the story behind this almost a week of uneasy and uncomfortable feeling well, according to the doctor whom I consulted on the second day, I'm suffering from tension headache.  I was thankful that it's not high blood.  The doctor prescribed me some muscle relaxing medicine to reduce the tension that causing the headache but was also instructed to check and monitor my blood pressure.

To give me more idea about the findings I checked the term on the internet and this is what I've found on wikipedia, "Tension Headache is the most common type of primary headache.  The pain can radiate from the lower back of the head, the neck, eyes or other muscle groups in the body.  Tension-type headaches account for nearly 90% of all headaches.  Approximately 3% of the population has chronic tension-type headaches."  So that's explains it.  Posture, less sleep and eye strain are I think have caused mine.  In other words I need to rest!  And always consult your doctor.

How about you, what are your health issues?  Thank God if you don't have but if you do hope you could share to help others to.

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