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Sunday, December 1

Daddy Day Care: Gelo's #OOTD

Happy Saturday to all and also advance Merry Christmas as this day is the beginning of a wonderful season.  Yup today is December 1, 2013 and best way to start this month is to greet everyone a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

Well, I've been busy with things and I think I am off from this blog for almost a week already.  I missed writing everyday.  I remember my first few years in blogging that I make sure to have at least one post a day to make my blogging get more presence on the cyberspace but things get change for a while.  But perhaps I could start again and really make it more of a habit already.  Crossing my fingers with this!

Okay our Daddy Day Care here in Daddy Yashiro's Journal got so many moments to post but eventually things get overtaken by events and some were left not posted.  One of this is this Outfit Of The Day or #OOTD of my son Gelo.  

We, parents love to see our kids dressed and we want them to be as witty and smart as possible even on how they look.  So the result, kids becomes our model as we take a shot of them wearing different kinds of clothes.  Admit it parents during our time pictorials are limited because we are confined in the 12, 24, and 36 shots of films.  The cost of film and the cost of developing the film adds up to that expenses that's why we're limited to 12, 24, 36 numbers.   Plus we don't even know if the processing of the film will be okay sometimes we pay for the processing with blank images of the film.

This generation should be thankful to technology that they were able to take zillions of shots without having too much expenses.  So just like my son, Gelo, the picture is just one of cute pictures posing with a marketer look.

So how about you, what are your kids #OOTD or what can you say about your experiences with photos?  Hope you could share it here.  Good day!

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