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Saturday, December 14

Daddy Day Care: The Rumble Yard Experience

It's Daddy Day Care once again and I'll be sharing you another of our family's activity which happened out of the metro. Yup, we went out of town but not so far way from the metro. I think it was just boundary away. Near or far, still it is it is Daddy Day Care and being with the kids and my wife gives joy to me.

The place was in Nuvali, Laguna. As I can recall we have been there two times already and this time it will be our third time. Being here again after a year really shows that development are fast as ever because the last time we're here, the place was bare enough that all you could see were grasses, now buildings and establishments were already up and people are coming in and out.

Anyway the activity that we came here for was for the "Rumble Yard", created for kids with their family to enjoy with. The color of that day were black, red and white, as it is the color of DC Shoes and Res Toe Run. DC shoes, one of the leading skateboarding and action sports brand, together with Res Toe Run, one of the country's leading footwear concept store brought this first-ever action-inspired urban fair for kids, the "Rumble Yard".

The one that we visited early this month was the first of its leg and it will have another next year in Trinoma on February 1 and 2, so watch out for it soon. For now we will be story telling what the kids done at the Rumble Yard.

The event is free for kids to enjoy. This event give kids a firsthand experience of the DC urban lifestyle and to pump up their appetite for cool kicks. The Rumble Yard, which my kids enjoyed very much was packed with so much interactive activities. All are interesting for the little ones. Some of the activities are the micro scooters in which my youngest son wants to do it alone, the ceramic painting of miniature DC skateboard, the photo shoot, the gyroboard, Xbox games, and many more that they all enjoyed very much. This is one great event for the kids.

As we enter the activity fair, passes were given to the kids . That's their passport to all the activities and we completed it all. We got a surprise gift for completing the activities.

According to Edilyn Yu, DC Brand Associate, "We want to embody the fun, active lifestyle of the youth today and join them as well through Rumble Yard." She even added that "There's an energetic side in all of us, from parents down to the kids, and this is what we wish to relive through the fun-filled weekend."

Dale Camandang, Res Toe Run's Marketing Officer shared that "The idea of putting an action-packed event came to us as we wanted kids to enjoy the same quality time they have with their parents as they enter Res Toe Run and we wanted to bring them out of the store and into a playground made especially for them, thus Rumble Yard."

Aside from the freebies that we get for completing the activities, we also did get some cupcakes and also won some prizes after playing some games.

The Rumble Yard is made possible by Nuvali Solenad 2, Ayala Malls, Manila Bulletin, Phillipine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, K-Zone, Travelife, Smart Parenting, Dental First, Sharpie Pens, Faber Castle, New Zealand Natural Ice Cream, Krispy Kreme, Kettle Korn, and Oishi Foods Inc.

You can check out DC Shoes and Res Toe Run on these sites

So how about you? How was your weekend?
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