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Sunday, December 29

Looking Forward For The Year 2014

Few more days and we will be celebrating the coming of another year. The year that will give us another fruitful and blessed days. For Daddy Yashiro this is going to be a year that will lead to something new. Whatever lies ahead of us we will be welcoming it with great courage.

The concept of challenges are indeed factors that help us in attaining our dreams, our goal for our family and for ourselves. These challenges are just obstacles that can be considered us stepping stones to get into the next level of life.

This year has indeed made us something, it made us grow, it gives new knowledge in things tha we don't know, it made us realize many things in life, and the best part of it, we understand life bit by bit. It may not be a perfect life but it's worth living and of course that's with the grace of God.

So this coming New Year's Eve may everyone celebrate it gloriously and with thanksgiving to the One who provide it all.  Be safe and Happy New Year to all.
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