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Monday, December 2

Monday Rush: 2nd Of December

Monday rush is indeed a rush because Mondays are starting to get more busier than ever.  Perhaps the coming holiday season got a hit on it.  It is the last quarter of the year and everyone, from business to individual are busy making things work for the last month of the year and perhaps hoping that this things will be done before Christmas.

Though it was already December, the atmosphere is quite different.  Well, the fact that we have been hit by the strongest ever recorded typhoon and most of our Kababayans in the Visayan region are devastated.  I think everyone want to donate some of the money for Christmas things rather than be more extravagant.  I think all of us Pinoys did our part in helping the affected ones.  Like I said in one of my tweets "the biggest pride of Pinoys are their HEARTS.  SOFT but WILL powered."   No matter what, we are all soft when our fellow  Kababayans are in need and when in times like these we are will powered to make things happen.

Christmas is just around the corner and let us all rush to know the true meaning of Christmas but take time to understand why we celebrate Christmas.  A blessed Christmas to all!
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