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Wednesday, February 27

Just An Updated

Well, I just want to updated this blog today because I was away for more a week already.  Been a harsh week for me and our family and things does come when you least expect it, worst we were unprepared of the situation.  It was traumatic for my wife and stressful on my part as well.   Yes, according to my wife she's still in trauma, until now she could still see the face of our child experiencing that situation that we don't want to happen to our kid but it happened.    Perhaps it was a learning experience for us.

Monday, February 18

Monday Rush: Health Down Rush

Daddy Yashiro has been very weak this past few months.  I easily get fever and get tired as well.  This has caused me much of my leave credits, time of rest, and worst some good times playing with the kids.  Hay... perhaps I need to have more vitamins to keep me in tough shape once again.

The cause of my illness this past few days was our weekend blast and it was really in full throttle.  It was a busy weekend and the weather was not really good because it was so hot and then on and off the air conditioned places.

I hope and pray that me and my family could have some more sources to make things more better not only in health but of course our well being as well.  Hay...

Sunday, February 17

Daddy Day Care: Weekend Shopping

3 Day Sales has always been of help to us, we get to hold things that are below its original price which means it's cheaper and it's really a caching for us because we could save more.  I know we're not the only ones who after the sale.  I'm sure there are plenty of people who would really spend time on sales, for some this is their time to hunt for something that they really like and others for the branded ones which sometimes offers big discount.  For whatever the reason is, this is really one of those great moments to spend without the guilty feeling.  Of course it should be on your designated budget to spend.  

Joined The Red Cross Million Volunteer Run

Yup! Last week I was able to join the Red Cross's 1 Million Volunteer Run and after a few months of being a lousy and lazy runner I was able to make my run again. I'm a bad runner because I didn't prepare for this run and because of that the result of my run is way down the line. I was able to finish that run with almost an hour because it was a run and walk. To be exact I was able to dinish at 49 minutes. Way... way far compared to my previous runs.

Friday, February 15

The Benefits Of Volunteering With The Army Cadet Force (Childrens Charity)

The Benefits Of Volunteering For The Army Cadet Force

If anyone is looking for an opportunity to work with children aged 12 to 18.9 years of age in a positive and challenging environment, they should consider working with the Army Cadet Force (ACF).

This is an organization that was started in 1859. Octavia Hill on Frimley Park formed the first ACF unit called the Robin Hood Rifles. These units were designed as volunteer units. There were eight public schools that had independent cadet units that eventually turned into the Combined Cadet Force.

The Territorial Army was created from Volunteer as well as Independent Cadet companies in 1908. The units at the public schools became associated with Officer Training. When the War office took charge of the independent cadet units, the ACF was created.

Friday Toys: White Teddy Bear

Well it seems that the whole month of February is really the month for Teddy Bears and Stuff Toys.  Last Thursday my and I were invited to a dinner and one of the gifts that they've shared to us was this cute white Teddy Bear.  I'm pretty sure that the kids will be happy to have some new toys that they could play around.  The only thing is that the stuffed toy was white so we're on the oh oh part.  We already know that we'll be having more cleaning of this one.

Sunday, February 10

Daddy Day Care: Making The Kids Behave

Today, Mommy and I are having problem with our eldest.  It seems that he's becoming quite hard to communicate with.  We really don't know the reason, yet, why his behaving a little different.  Since my wife is already a full time Mom I was wondering why a sudden change of attitude, though he's not yet that stubborn.  So we're really questioning ourselves why but of course we would do all that we can to shape him in a blessed and right manner.  

Our time in the church and the time at the mall were really more of hushing Maki.  Not quite sure if it is because they've been staying in the house lately.  Well, for the reason that both of the kids have been sick and of course they need to rest so the past few weekends were just in the house.  

Friday, February 8

Friday Toys: Little Teddy Bear With a Heart

This little fellow here came from the lovely Valentines Gift set of Mister Donut and guess what my younger son, Gelo loves to hug this little fellow.

So today err should I say tonight, our Friday Toys is a cute little Teddy Bear from Mister Donut.  The size of this little fellow is a little below half of the ruler.  The bear's sitting position is well defined, so you really know that his sitting and perhaps it is made that way for decoration purposes.  The materials good and the stuffing is not too lumpy and too stuffed.  Over all the bear is great for this coming Valentine's day.

Thursday, February 7

Memory Lane: Diskette Love Notes

The image is not mine just found it on
credit and attribute to the rightful owner of this image.

Since it's the love month and we are just few days away for the sweetest and romantic day of the year, I might as well share some things happened down the Memory Lane.  I have done this years ago.  The item that I'm referring to is already in a storage which I don't know where my wife hid it.  Oh yes, I gave that notes to my ex-girlfriend, now my wife.  

Perhaps and I know the only people who would answer if they still know the 3 and a half inch disk are those people who are in the same era as mine.  Perhaps and hopefully before the Valentine's day came I could ask my wife and find that love note and take a picture of it then share it here.  

Tuesday, February 5

Tuesday Parenting: Fever Alert!

This cute image is from not mine
I find it cute and I want to share it here.

Fever is one of the common illnesses that informs us that there's something wrong with our body.  It is the alerting system for us all whether your a kid or an adult.  Yes, we all experience it specially when there are infections in our body.  It is also part of the body's defense system.  So basically and according to some articles and books that I have read about fever it is normal to experience fever the only threatening about it is when the temperature of the fever rises and constantly above our body's normal temperature.  Then that's the time that we should be alert.

Monday, February 4

Monday Rush: Bus Rush

It's seldom that I take the provincial bus on a Monday but today was quite an unusual event because of some circumstances.  I take two bus ride which I only do if I went home on weekdays.  What's interesting about today's ride was that the two buses are both on the rush.

The first one, which is a city bus, I can assume that they need to speed up because they need to have travel and passengers.  Not really sure how they get their earnings but I think they have a quota and on top of that is their take home.  They need to settle first the quota.

Sunday, February 3

My Pledge

At the beginning of this year of the snake most of us made our new years resolution and some even made inspiring pledges.  Its interesting because pledges are ought to be done and not to be scrape out from the list that we have created.  It's something that shouldn't be neglected and taken for granted.

So according to wikipedia PLEDGE means a promise similar to an oath.  If it is a promise similar to an oath it only means that it's intended to be fulfilled or materialized and what ever your pledges, promise or oath are, all of them an supposed to be done!

Saturday, February 2

7 Safety Tips for Home Renovation

Doing renovations around your home is a satisfying process, but it can be dangerous unless you take the proper precautions. Follow these seven tips to stay safe as you paint, repair, replace and renovate.

1. Maintain Your Tools

The most dangerous tools are those that have not been well maintained. A sharp saw is safer than a dull one, and a loose handle on a hammer is an accident waiting to happen. Before you use any tools, check them for loose parts, dull blades and damaged cords. Be diligent about maintenance, and fix any defects as soon as the occur.

Before using any power tools, read the owners' manual to make sure the tools are properly adjusted. Never use tools without the proper safety guards, and check that all tools work properly before starting your project.

LED TV, One Of The Pray List

Okay since I already got some few pictures of the LED TV I might as well share it with you.  Just bare with the photos because it's not that good.  Most of the pictures that I'm using for now are taken only using the phone camera.  So it is not really a quality photo.  I'm still praying for that one I just don't know when will God give that but I'm sure He will but of course in His time.

3 Mistakes People Make When Buying Clothes Dryers

For most people, buying a washer and dryer is so easy. They think that all models are basically the same, so they choose a price that appeals to them and call it a day.
But that's no way to weed through all of the dryers out there!

In fact, if you've made any of these 3 common dryer-buying mistakes, your clothes could be suffering:

The Panatag Mom Contest

Just the other day (I think) my wife ask my help for a pictorial and guess who's the model, well, it's none other than my eldest son Maki.  It was a pictorial for my wife's entry for the Lactum's contest.  I think it is about the Panatag Moms Contest.  Panatag means worry-free and that's with regards to the nutritions that the kids should be having with their foods.

Friday, February 1

Friday Toys: Fluffy Luv-A-Bear

Hi readers!  I know it's the first day of the love month and most of the establishments are getting ready for the wonderful day.  I'm sure you can already see and feel the love in the air.  Well, while looking for some good toys to feature on our Friday Toys I found this picture posted on the Fanpage of Toy Kingdom, its the ever cuddly and fluffy favorite toy... what else but none other than the Teddy Bear but for this one they called it as Luv-a-bear!

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