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Thursday, March 28

Hop and Join The Grand Easter Party

It seems that a lot of tiny little bunnies will be hopping along with the big rabbit this coming Easter Sunday as Skydome opens its doors at 1 pm as SM North EDSA celebrates The Grand Easter Party this coming March 31, 2013.

Wednesday, March 27

The Holy Week Rush

It was not the Monday rush but people are rushing today.  Roads are getting piled up with vehicles and motorist are getting annoyed of the traffic already.  Buses are all packed like sardines and terminals are filled with stranded commuters.  Why?  Because it's Holy Wednesday already and it is the last day of work for this week.  People want to take advantage of the long weekend to be with their love ones and to enjoy the vacation away from the stressful life in the city.  Though some have thought that starting tomorrow they will start their yearly "panata" and to others it is the time to meditation and reconnect with the Lord.

For what ever the reason for this Holy Week rush let us not forget the main reason why there's a so called Holy Week.  Let us learn more about Him!

Tuesday, March 26

Hoppy Hunt This Happy Easter At Rockwell

Calling all Moms, Dads and the rest of the family hop into Rockwell Power Plant Mall this Easter Sunday and join the festivities as Rockwell celebrate with their Hoppy Hunt, an Easter egg hunting festivity.  Join the fun this Sunday, March 31, 2013 at the Rockwell Tent.

The Right Preschool and Daycare Center

Have I told you before that finding the right school for your kids requires a tedious and thorough examination? Yes it does, and this doesn't only refer to looking for the establishment, but also knowing what the school's programs are for the kids. It is better that parents know these things in order for them to have peace of mind when leaving their children to a day care center. It is better for you to know what you are getting your kids into. Plus of course the resources and the accessibility should be thought through as well, especially because both parents are working.

Sunday, March 24

Keeping The Kids Safe With Tool Boxes

Photo from
Repairing the house requires different tools and those tools must be kept in the right place to avoid accidents involving kids. Yes, for Dads, we should make our work places child-friendly even though that we are working with so many tools of shapes and sizes and the best way to do that is to have tool boxes to keep those tools safe, sound and friendly for the little tiny hands of our babies.  Let us all think of keeping the kids safe with tool boxes.

Friday, March 22

Friday Toys: Vintage Diecast Cars

Friday Toys is Daddy Yashiro's hub and a place to share my interest about toys.  For today's toy feature we will be sharing one of the vintage diecast cars that we have in our collection.

I'm not really familiar with the brand and models of vintage cars but I'm pretty much sure that these cars I'm sharing are vintage cars.  I often see this kind of cars on old movies like the Godfather and they use cars like these in doing their things.  What I like about the vintage cars are their sleek look and design.  If ever that I would like to have a I would like to have a restored  version of the vintage cars.

Wednesday, March 20

Memory Lane: Lone Graduation

As of this week plenty of schools are having their commencement exercises or in a more common term their graduation day.  Though it is the sign of the end of a school but it is also the sign of a new beginning.  For students it gives a feeling of accomplishment having finished one level of their lives and for the parents it's a time to celebrate and be grateful for the Lord for having wonderful kids striving to learn what they are ought to learn.

I remember my high school graduation and I can say that it was the loneliest graduation I've ever had. A  lone graduation.  What's worst is that high school graduation only happens once.   I don't have much souvenir memory of my high school graduation and the only picture that I have was even lost.  The whole event was only recorded in my thoughts.  How I wish technology was much more friendlier and cheaper that time.

Monday, March 18

Monday Rush: Hooray For Today

Hooray for today!  It's our Monday Rush!  So what was the rush today?  Well it's a free Egg mcMuffin from McDonald's.  Yup I got my free breakfast this morning as McDonald's celebrate with the National Breakfast Day.

Friday, March 15

Friday Toys: Badminton Rackets

Photo from Toy Kingdom 
Great Friday to all Moms and Dads our Friday Toys for today is the Badminton Rackets.  A very interesting toy for kids and it's not too early for the kids to learn one good sports.  So you may get your kids to learn how to play Badminton, who knows your kids might be the next gold medalist.

Wednesday, March 13

Memory Lane: Prom Night

Image credit to

Prom nights of school are perhaps over already and most of them are preparing now for graduations. I remembered my high school days, specially my third and fourth year, it was a rare opportunity. I’m sure most of my generation will agree to me that prom nights are just one of the moments to remember during high school.

Monday, March 11

Banana Boat Great Outdoor This March 17

It's March already and it is the kick off of the summer season.  End of the class and kids will enjoy the vacation and to start with Banana Boat made something for the entire family this coming weekend.

"Banana Boat will welcome the much anticipated summer season on March 17 and we invite Families and barkadas to spend that fun filled day with us", says Banana Boat Senior Brand Manager Claire Guevarra.  "We promise that there will be plenty of exciting activities and good times in store for the entire Family," Guevarra adds.

Thursday, March 7

Your Last Will and Testament Is It Needed?

Is there really a need to prepare your last will and testament? Well, I think if you have quite a number of assets in your account perhaps you should try to make one now because sooner or later it will help your relatives clear everything. Plus, you’ll be at ease of knowing that all your assets will be given to the rightful person.

I have heard siblings and relatives fighting over assets and properties of a deceased love one because it was not properly delegated to whom the assets and properties will be given. In other words, there’s no last will and testament was prepared and worst disputes arises.

Are Dads Out of The Scene?

How many commercials of your favorite family products include Dads?

Well for commercials shown on TV there are some that still include Dads in the family scene. Some of this brands that showcase commercials with Dads are Selecta, EQ, Surf and others. It seems that the people behind the concept of the commercials still value the need for Dads in the Family picture. These commercials shows that fathers are the head of the family and decision makings are still in his realm but of course with the support of the mothers.

Kids Are Cleaning The House Too

Kids are really observant and a good imitator! During my Daddy Day Care series I have seen them go along with what we do in the house.

During weekends, if we don’t have any events to cover, I and my wife does the household chores. She does the laundry and I do the sweeping and dusting inside the house. She does wet works and I do the dry and dusty works. She has a washing machine for the laundry and I only have the broom and rags to clean and wipe the dirt. It’s a little bit unfair but I’m used to it, even though there are times that I would think of getting a vacuum cleaner to make my cleaning a lot easier. I’m contemplating whether to get it online or just visit the appliance store. I’m hoping to have Miele Vacuum cleaners but I’m sure it is costly for now so I’ll just have to cross my fingers that my wife or someone will give it as gift.

Gelo Learning To Use Chopsticks

Hahaha! You read the title right! Gelo tried to learn how to use the chopsticks. A toddler with just a few months to go before turning two was able to have interest in using the good old chopsticks.

Last weekend we have our lunch in one of the Japanese restaurant on of the malls in Manila. Though it is not the first time that Gelo saw a chopstick, he wanted to use it while eating but of course we would not let him use it on his own because it is not yet appropriate for his age. Since Daddy is around, I let him use the chopsticks by guiding him. He was happy eating even though it was just pieces of rice on it. You can see on his face that he’s really having fun eating using the chopsticks.

3 Priority House Repairs

I’ve was able to stay in the house during weekdays this past two weeks. Though I’m not ought to stay but the situation tells me so and being there seeing those things for repairs are an eye sore, especially if you usually have plenty of visitors coming in and out of the house.

Since there are quite a number of things for repair I’m planning to have perhaps two days off from work but of course I need plan things out first. Also I need to have a budget to buy things needed for the repair.

My Story About A Cycle of Missed Moments

Last month we were treated by Max’s Restaurant with a movie date but before that they’ve introduced to us what’s latest with Max’s. Of course since it was the love month they’ve introduce something that will sure fill someone’s heart. They’ve introduced their newest innovation and they tagged it with “Salu-salo Kahit Malayo”. They made their online delivery unique as possible and delivering real food on time. Here’s a video click about online delivery.

Wednesday, March 6

My Tooth Problem

In one of my post here I have shared what happened to my tooth. It was annoying and it feels like I lost a portion of me. It was plenty of air when I talk, the pronunciation is bad, and it always cut my lips. Physically it was bad and internally I could say that it is a confidence reducer. Yup it is really one heck of a reducer. It does not only reduce my engagement with other people but it reduced also the way I smile to other people. It made my smile looks like a press release. I became less talkative and more conscious on the way I talk and open my lips. I'm having problem covering up for that lost portion of my tooth.

Sunday, March 3

Daddy Day Care: Movie Marathon

For today's Daddy Day Care it's movie marathon!  I'm sure most parents are already dreaming of the movies that your kids are watching.  Perhaps it's already the 100th times that you're watching it with your kids but hey it's for our kids and they enjoyed so we'll have to bear with it and enjoy it as well.  That's what I'm going to share today.

Since my bachelor days I was already collecting CDs of different movies.  I was able to compiled a box of it.  There were comedy, drama, action and there were also movies for kids.

Friday, March 1

Friday Toys: Line Character Doll

I'm back after a few days of out from this blog and mainly focusing on letting our youngest kid recover.  Well, he was hospitalized this past week and it was one of those situation that we were keeping them off but anyway thanks to God that He cover him with his healing hands. 

For todays featured toys is what something new in character but old in materials.  So with no further ado we present to you of the LINE CHARACTER DOLL which is a stuff toy that looks oddly looking face and what's good about it is that a lot of friends and customers were already having this and they are also using the application. 

Maybe in just a few days you'll see my name also popping in one of their apps.   Hahaha.  So for now let my kid enjoy the gift standing on the cabinet.  They still got plenty of toys to play with. 
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