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Sunday, December 29

Looking Forward For The Year 2014

Few more days and we will be celebrating the coming of another year. The year that will give us another fruitful and blessed days. For Daddy Yashiro this is going to be a year that will lead to something new. Whatever lies ahead of us we will be welcoming it with great courage.

The concept of challenges are indeed factors that help us in attaining our dreams, our goal for our family and for ourselves. These challenges are just obstacles that can be considered us stepping stones to get into the next level of life.

Saturday, December 21

Avoiding Tantrums at Stores This Christmas

Christmas means gifts and toys for kids.  They are thrilled and excited whenever Mommy and Daddy promises them with something this Christmas.  But what about when Mom and Dad couldn't give that to them?  Well, kids answer a very simple gesture they just does what they are known for, tantrums.  Yup they does it whenever things doesn't go along with what they want and the worst is when kids are with you buying gifts and toys in a department store or toy store.

It's really hard to pacify them when they starts this gesture of wanting to be noticed and get what they want.  For moms and dads this is their kryptonite.  Parents who are not well aware of their kids can loose their temper and might even hit their kids for doing that.  It sad to know the truth but it does happen.  So, how to avoid tantrums, especially in a place like the toy store?   Below are some of the ways parents can do to pacify them.

Monday, December 16

Monday Rush: Simbang Gabi

Christmas is in the air.
The first day of Simbang Gabi falls on a Monday!  My problem I think I won't be completing the Simbang Gabi for this year... again.  I prefer to enjoy it in our church much livelier and more soothing.  You really get the message and get to internalize it as well.

Saturday, December 14

Daddy Day Care: The Rumble Yard Experience

It's Daddy Day Care once again and I'll be sharing you another of our family's activity which happened out of the metro. Yup, we went out of town but not so far way from the metro. I think it was just boundary away. Near or far, still it is it is Daddy Day Care and being with the kids and my wife gives joy to me.

The place was in Nuvali, Laguna. As I can recall we have been there two times already and this time it will be our third time. Being here again after a year really shows that development are fast as ever because the last time we're here, the place was bare enough that all you could see were grasses, now buildings and establishments were already up and people are coming in and out.

Monday, December 9

Monday Rush: Speed Limit

playing around with speed.
Monday rush has always been my outlet of what's happening and my experiences during Mondays.  For this day it seems that rush is the middle name of the driver of the public utility vehicle I'm riding.  Yup he was indeed in a rush not taking into consideration the Speed Limit in Commonwealth Ave.  As I can remember I have made a post about the imposing of the 60KPH limit in the said avenue and the problem that it gives to public vehicles and commuters.  But to this particular driver it seems that this limit is nothing to him.  I think we're running around 80 to 90 KPH plus the swerving motion of the vehicle.  Hay....

Sunday, December 8

Gift Giving Tips This Christmas

Okay it's not yet Christmas but I'm sure most of the Moms and Dads are already doing their shopping for their family and friends.  It does not matter if it's very long or just short what matters is that you get to complete that list with ease and of course make that it is relevant to the recipient.

Since me and wife got plenty of godchildren, relatives and friends we try to sort things out with our list and make sure that it is updated with their age.  We don't want to give the wrong gifts to the wrong person.

Friday, December 6

Friday Toys Intelligent Computer, A Kiddie LapTop

Okay here's the second part of our Friday Toys' featured gifts to our kids and this time it's for Gelo, the youngest.  If the first gift for the eldest was something to make his imagination go wild this time it's about learning and cognitive intelligent.  My wife and I just hope that we did get the right toy for the youngest.

So what was our gift to Gelo?  Well it was a kiddie computer laptop that plays different features for learning.  It helps the kids in alphabet recognition, Mathematics, word completion,  music, and of it also have games.  From the name of the kiddie laptop based on the box it is called "Intelligent Computer" which comes from 'KaiZen'.  And according also from the writings and instructions on the box this computer have 25 Fun Activities that kids will surely enjoy.  The box contains a laptop with 3" LCD screen, a mouse and of course the keyboard keys.  The laptop also has a friendly voice that tells the letters, numbers or words.

Monday, December 2

Monday Rush: 2nd Of December

Monday rush is indeed a rush because Mondays are starting to get more busier than ever.  Perhaps the coming holiday season got a hit on it.  It is the last quarter of the year and everyone, from business to individual are busy making things work for the last month of the year and perhaps hoping that this things will be done before Christmas.

Sunday, December 1

SM City Fairview Unveils A-maze-ing Despicable Christmas

I think this is the 3rd year that we witness the unveiling of SM Supermalls Christmas themes.  It was a wonderful experience not only for me but also for the kids.  They get to see things first hand and of course they enjoy the shows before the unveiling.

Each year and each malls have their own themes.  For this year in SM City Fairview, the mall got something that everyone has been crazy about earlier this year.  It's yellow, it's small and they talk a different language, so who are they?  Well none other than the minions, the little followers of Felonius Gru in Despicable.   This year's theme is called the A-maze-ing Despicable Christmas.   Not only the minions were present during the program but also Felonious Gru, Agnes, Edith and Margo.  They were all there to welcome everyone as they drop the curtain and let the guests, visitors and passersby see what's in store for everyone as the yuletide season approaches.

Daddy Day Care: Gelo's #OOTD

Happy Saturday to all and also advance Merry Christmas as this day is the beginning of a wonderful season.  Yup today is December 1, 2013 and best way to start this month is to greet everyone a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

Well, I've been busy with things and I think I am off from this blog for almost a week already.  I missed writing everyday.  I remember my first few years in blogging that I make sure to have at least one post a day to make my blogging get more presence on the cyberspace but things get change for a while.  But perhaps I could start again and really make it more of a habit already.  Crossing my fingers with this!

Okay our Daddy Day Care here in Daddy Yashiro's Journal got so many moments to post but eventually things get overtaken by events and some were left not posted.  One of this is this Outfit Of The Day or #OOTD of my son Gelo.  

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