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Thursday, January 9

A Happy and Blessed 2014 to All!

Admittedly I have been lousy this past few days, again and again.  One reason is that it's holiday and these days are meant to be spent with the family.  Yup, I've spent most of my holidays playing and giggling around with the kids and of course with my lovely wife.  Ssshhh...

So for today, as I publish this post it will be my very first official article here in Daddy Yashiro's Journal for the year 2014.   Too bad that it took more than a week before I created one.  I was hoping that I could turn myself again into a raging blogger that can create blog post everyday.  I really missed those times that I make sure to create an article once a day and punishes myself to do more if I missed one.   But I think it's not yet late to do it once again since 2014 is a fresh start and brand new year.   So... pray for me that I will be more diligent in creating one blog post a day and hopefully more satisfying and relevant topics for all the readers.   My kids are also growing fast and hopefully share more information in raising kids and learning life.

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2014, according to Chinese Zodiac it is the year of the Wooden Horse and it is a year of great fortune. Since the start of this year I have been seeing and hearing on television some of the beliefs and predictions of known feng shui experts and astrologers.  They share their knowledge about it and gave advises, it made me curious to known what was my year would be and according to them my year, which is the sheep, is also into a good year.  But of course they always tell that these are only guide and our belief to Lord puts everything into place.   Well, it is indeed true that there's only one who can provide abundance and that's none other than God.  

As we face this New Year let us all keep the faith in Him and believe in the promise!  To everyone Happy New Year and may our year be all blessed as always!
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