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Friday, January 10

Friday Toys: Dragons Universe

Happy New Year, happy new toys! Daddy Yashiro's Journal's Friday Toys segment is hoping to bring more toys to feature here and of course let the parents be informed of things that is ought to be known. Like which toys are safe for the kids, what should be remember when playing toys and what should be done with the toys. We will not only feature the toys but we will also try to do some testing and reviewing.

Since it's new year and New Year's eve made a very noisy bang in the sky, we will be featuring today quite a small toy. This is a mythical creature that comes in  different form, sizes, and colors. Its fiery, scaly, and hot. It' none other the scary dragon. We're featuring the "Dragons Universe".

The toy is packed in a 3 x 4 inches size plastic together with a gaming card and instruction on how to assemble the dragon. Yes, the toy dragon is in pieces that you need to assemble it to have the image of the dragon featured in front of the plastic packaging. The pieces are the head, body, arms, legs and wings. Not really sure of what kind of plastic it is made of but what I like about it is the connecting joints which provides the part of the body of the dragon to be movable and rotatable.. Once the dragon is assemble I think the toy stands around more than two inches.. So basically, the toy dragon is an action figure that you also do a stop-motion animation movie clip with it and the kids watch it.

Safety first! As always, we are reminding parents or guardians to watch their kids and always be on guards of the toys that they'll be playing. Take note as well that the "Dragons Universe" dragon toys are not intended for the little ones, most especially those kids 3 years old and below because parts of this toy is a choking hazard.

"Dragons Universe" is just one of the many toys from Mega Bloks. This toys cost just Php99.00.  You can check this brand and their toys at different toy stores.

So, have you a toy like this in a toy store that you've visit? You can also share what you think of it..

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