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Tuesday, February 25

Nickelodeon Kicks Off This 2014

If you're following Daddy Yashiro's Journal, which have been on rest for quite some time and hopefully to get back on its feet, you've definitely seen that we're a fan of Nicks.  Here's what they have for this 2014.

It’s out with the old and in with the new as Nickelodeon ushers in the year 2014 with a bang, thanks to lots of fresh additions to its monthly lineup!

Sunday, February 23

Daddy Day Care: The Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Event

It was weekend once again and the kids experienced another great event with Jollibee. Yes, it was one of those family get together that we had with Jollibee.  What can I say, the kids loves Jollibee very much.  I remember my eldest son watching Jollitown episodes on youtube over and over that made me go LSS (last song syndrome).

This time it was the Jollibee Kids Club event where they launched the Happy Plus. I remember this Happy Plus card and the Jollibee Kids Club because both of the kids are members and are enjoying the benefits of it.  My wife always make sure that whenever we're going for a dinner or lunch at Jollibee she would always bring the kids' cards.  Not only that we will be enjoying the discounts but of course the freebies as well.  I also remember that my son, Maki was able to join some of the events that the Jollibee Kids Club's activities and soon our youngest will be joining as well.

Thursday, February 20

Swish, My Handy Solution To Earn A Kiss

Imagine a day without a pair of toothpaste and toothbrush inside your bag and worst, you have a big night coming with you?  Honestly, I can't imagine how uneasy I could be with that situation.  No toothbrush and no toothpaste to get rid of bad breath.  That would definitely be one of my worst day.

Fortunately, I don't have an exclusive date set with my wife that night for some good other reason but I definitely need to be home early to have my gift set up in our house.  We'll be enjoying the night at home instead.  The gift wasn't fancy but thoughtful enough to earn me a sweet kiss on a Valentine's Night.

Wednesday, February 19

The Bond Between Brothers

The bond between brothers.  Heard this phrase in one of the movies that I have watched. The characters talk about the bond ties them together even though of them weren't their biological brother. In my own opinion the greatest bond that keep brothers together is the love that they have for each other and this starts at home. Parents who look after their kids with great love makes children feel that they are important. The trust is strengthen.  

Saturday, February 8

Daddy Day Care: Thunderbird Resorts Rizal Getaway 2

Bed was the first thing that my wife and kids go to after entering the designated room for us. Two keycards were provided but the other one wasn't working so we just used the keycard that is working.

Since the sun was still in rage that time we contented ourselves inside the room. My wife took a nap while the kids watched TV. .
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