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Wednesday, February 19

The Bond Between Brothers

The bond between brothers.  Heard this phrase in one of the movies that I have watched. The characters talk about the bond ties them together even though of them weren't their biological brother. In my own opinion the greatest bond that keep brothers together is the love that they have for each other and this starts at home. Parents who look after their kids with great love makes children feel that they are important. The trust is strengthen.  

Yes siblings does not compliment each most of the times but that makes them individually special. I have observed this with our two kids.  Both of them are growing with so much love and though they don't agree at times they still look at each other.  There are times that if they re not together either one of them will look or ask for the other.  As a Dad, I'm really happy to see that they are truly bonded with our love.

I think it's natural for them to rival sometimes but parents should put into consideration when things starts to go overboard always be there to pacify things. Parents should always be in neutral grounds when confronting the situation.

What ever happens love still makes everything goes well.

How about you, how are your kids doing? You could share it here.

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