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Sunday, March 23

Daddy Day Care: Construction Activity

Okay I think Daddy Day Care session will not be limited on the weekends, specially now that school days are over. Well, my kid just had their recognition day, which we will post also a bit sooner. For now we'll share about our Daddy Day Care Construction Activity.

Few weeks ago, while scouting for a gift for Angie's friend's son I found this one toy that I find amazing. Amazing in a sense that kids will enjoy doing the construction thing using tools in a toy version. It got different kinds and shape of woods, hammer, and a mini saw. What's even great is that it has some suggestive things to make in which kids will have to figure it out how to make it. The process makes the kids imaginative and will also learn to value the work of the construction workers.

So here are some of the picture that we have while constructing one of the figures in the phamplet.
It looks simple but it was hard making the kids do it the right way. Kids will for sure want to saw and hammer things. They want immediate action and that is why parents should always be there for the kids to guide them.

As we are doing the construction thing I want both of the kids to experience doing it. Our son, Gelo enjoys sawing the woods while our son, Maki enjoys hammering. I wonder who will be an engineer or architect among the two. Anyway time will tell of their interests.
So, how was our little construction work came about? Hereit is....

We made an airplane model out of the wooden toy. Notbad for iur first time to construct things. I'll bebuying more woods soon so we could enjoy more constructing activity.

How about you, how was your weekend with your kids?
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