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Wednesday, March 19

Daddy Yashiro's Support #DearFutureMom

Love what makes us human. God gave us the power to love as He Himself shed love for all of us. We all have the right to be happy.

Children are God's gift! Whatever the color, race and features they precious gift that was given by God. They are given because there's a purpose and meaning, for your life, ours and to everyone.

Call me whatever you want but I promised you'll definitely going to shed tears on this video. I always have a soft heart when it comes to family matters. Below is the short story and the video.

A scared mom-to-be wrote to CoorDown (Coordination of the National Association of People with Down Syndrome) when she learned she was expecting a child with Down Syndrome or special child. "What kind of life will my child have?" The organization, in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi Italy, responded by creating this #DearFutureMom campaign. Watch the video below and feel for yourself.

#DearFutureMom: Your Child Will Be Happy

March 21 is the World Down Syndrome Day let us all share this campaign to spread awareness and advocate the right to happiness and well-being of people with special needs or Down Syndrome.

Official Hashtag: #DearFutureMom

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