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Saturday, March 29

Dad's Summer Travel Must Have

This Daddy is not marching for graduation or something but March is just one month that this Dad look forward to as start of a beautiful summer. We all know that there are plenty of occasions, events and happenings during summer and one of the most liked activity is vacation and that means travel.  For the Dads, we all know what this means,  we need a very deep deep pocket for this one and most especially if the kids are coming with us.

Unfortunately, in our case, as much as we wanted to go to my mother's province, the budget that we have right now isn't enough.  It will not accommodate a fun vacation and much more the travel itself.  So, we will just have to settle our summer plans in the Metro or nearby resorts.  Of course when traveling there are essential things that we all need to have . It is just like a precautionary measures or a preventive action.

So here are my list that I think Moms and Dads should have when traveling this summer whether in the Metro or going to provinces, most especially when traveling with the kids.
  • Comfortable Clothes and with a number of extra ones
  • Bonamine for the kids and make sure to have plastic bags just in case they throw up
  • White flower, tiger balm or the like, not only good for the kids but for the adult ones as well 
  • Sunblock for sun protection
  • Eye wear or shades for you and for the kids. They are not just for fashion.
  • Fully charge cellphone, for communication purposes
  • Extra money, you might try to buy something for pasalubong
  • Toiletries like shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and of course a bottle of Swish mouthwash
  • Water to keep you cool off
  • Biscuits, great to ease off hunger.

Wondering why I added a bottle of Swish mouthwash on toiletries well we all get bad breathes when travelling perhaps because of the heat and the food that we eat and much of the sleeps that we do.  That way germs and bacteria in our mouth builds up that causes the odor so in order to keep fresh when travelling a few gargle of Swish mouthwash can keep us all fresh.  Just like summer fresh and vibrant.
Swish mouthwash is a Unilab product that is an alcohol-free oral care brand that uses SureFresh Technology.  It helps fight bad breath causing bacteria, plaque and gingivitis  for a long-lasting fresh breath.  With Swish products you can choose from different flavors to different sizes to different kinds.  They got the old easy-to-open bottle and the spray ones, the Swish Breath Spray is great for people on the go.  Flavors like the Peppermint Fresh, Arctic Chill, Cinnamon Blast, Mangosteen Mint and Icy Choco Mint.
So, with these selection of must haves I do hope I have shared something good enough for the summer.  See you on the beach!  Hopefully!

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