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Saturday, March 29

#EarthHour Tips To Encourage Kids to Participate and Not Get Bored

Eight years ago the call to give time for Earth was heard through out the world.  Every year more people and countries join the call and it was great to feel that my family are part of the community that strives to save the planet.  I remember the first time that we joined the call, our eldest son, Maki, was still a little boy and having the lights of was very easy.  On the following years, Maki, was a bit uneasy with the lights off and with only candle light to light the house.  So we did some things to make him busy and of course let him learn why we are doing it.  So for parents here's what you can do with the kids.

  • Tell them about the #EarthHour event earlier and explain why you're participating.
  • Let the kids be the one to turn off the lights.  This can make them feel that they are one with the call.
  • During the first 30 minutes explain again why there's a need to turn off the lights.
  • Tell them stories about the environment and how to save the planet. Of course in a manner that the kids can understand.
  • Lastly, play with them by playing with the shadows.  Make shadows with the candle light.  
  • When turning on the lights, again let the kids turn it on.  
So tonight don't forget to turn off the lights and electricity at 8:30 PM.  See you all under stars!
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