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Thursday, March 27

End of School Year, What's Next?

Yes, it's goodbye school days and hello vacation! To some schools, like my son's, they had their Recognition Day already and after that school days are officially over. That's for the few months only.

But before schools days totally end for the summer, a big CONGRATULATIONS first to all the graduates! Your parents are very proud of your achievement. Keep it up and become a good citizen of this country.

So, now that summer approaches what's next? There are things that we parents should remember first for the summer. Vacation doesn't mean that the kids will stick their bums to the couches, watch TV or play video or online games, they need to have an activity to keep learning going and to make their summer vacation a moment to remember. It's a vacation, yes but make it fun for them.

Here are some of the suggestion that you and your kids can do for the summer.

  • Attend summer clinics, workshops or activities. There are plenty of organization that provides summer activities but of course they are not free but I'm sure your kids will learn from them and gain more friends.
  • If you have enough budget and you've already planned the summer perhaps you can bring your kids to different places like the zoos, museums, themed parks, and other places that might interest you and the kids.
  • If there's no budget your kids can still enjoy summer at the comfort of your own home. Plan out some great activities for you and the kids. Some of these are crafty activities and painting session or you can make the daily chores a good bonding activity. You get to clean the house, you teach the kids, and they learn a sense of responsibility.
  • Of course a visit to the beach is for sure on top of the list of the activities. Just remember to always keep your kids at your distance and keep an eye on them. Safety precaution should always be in mind even that your having fun.

These are just suggestions and you can have your own plans and activities for your family to enjoy.

So what will you and your kids be doing this summer?
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