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Friday, March 21

Friday Toys: Sand Series Toys

Friday Toys once more and since the school has ended already, perhaps for some, summer is on its way. Yes, as most of us are looking forward for the summer season. Vacation, halu-halo and the best thing in summer... beach!

So, are your kids ready for the summer? If they are, well and good because here's one toy that your kids will love to have when enjoying the beach. The "Sand Series Toys" is what we're featuring now here on our Friday Toys. This toy got seven pieces which are all can be use and play with in the sand. If building castle is what you and your kids want, this toy is great for you and your kids because the pail is castle modeled already. All you need to do is just put some sand, mold it and viola, you have your sand castle already.  All you need to do is decorate the castle. Aside from the pail, included are the mini shovel, rake, scoop, a crab and turtle shape pattern and a mini tower.

With "Sand Toy Series" kids can enjoy, build and play in an instant. They can be more imaginative with it. The best part is that they get to play in the sand once in a while.

As we always say when playing with the toys always safety first. Always watch your kids when they are playing.

How about you Dad and Mom wht have you prepared for the summer?
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