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Monday, March 17

Monday Rush: The National Breakfast Day

Almost every corner of the street with a fast food chain store can be seen with longer lines and it was like a blockbuster movie being expected. Well, as expected because McDonald's celebrates the #NationalBreakfastDay with a #FreeMcMuffin for the first 1,000 customers who lined up or until 9:00 AM. To some stores it ended up as early as 7:00 AM and for some it takes till 9:00 AM. Gladly, the McDonald's branch inside Clark were one of those store with less number of customers who lined up.

Last year I get to experience the free McMuffin without lines but this years a lot of people have known it already. Still, not as many like the other stores.
We're rushing todY to get the free McMuffin breakfast from McDonald's. This is a campaign that tells us not to skip breakfast as it is very vital and important to us, especially to the working class. We need to be more productive and enthusiastic. Good vibes as my officemates tells while having the free breakfast!

So were you able to get one?
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