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Friday, May 16

Friday Toys: Deluxe Workshop Real Construction

Okay, I think it's been a month since we last posted our reviews and insights about the toys that we have.  So now we have something for our Friday Toys segment here in Daddy Yashiro's Journal.  We will be sharing what we have worked on before with the kids in which they like it very much that they wanted to use this toy again and again.

This toy is called the Real Construction which looks and feels like the real construction tools.  And the best part of this is that it comes with a wood-like toy that kids can saw and hammer with.  So if you want your kids to work like a carpenter and construct a work of art then perhaps this toy is just right for them.

Okay there are things that parents should take into consideration when buying this kind of toys.  First, look for the markings for what age the toy is intended to.  Second, check if the toy is safe for the kids.  Third, always make sure to be there always when kids are playing.  And to make it more exciting and fun join with the kids when doing an activity like this.

The Deluxe Workshop Real Construction contains plenty of toy-like construction tools.  Some of these are the hammer, saw, screw driver, triangle and some boring tools.  It also comes with a nail and screw that is of course a plastic.  Parents should always watch your kids with these because the little ones might get some of these and can accidentally choked with it.  Just like the carpenter kids can construct their own masterpiece which comes with a guide and some suggested pieces to work on with.
Our recent activity with this is that we constructed a Pirate Ship with canon on board the ship.  It may looks simple but parents can be of help when constructing pieces like this.
So here it is the finished piece that the kids and I created!

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