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Friday, May 30

Friday Toys : Diecast Construction Vehicles

Friday Toys once again and for this time we're featuring toys that most of the Dads would buy for their kids when they are at the right age.  I think this is somewhat ways of Dads to let their kids a first grasp of what they want to be in the future.  We all know that most Dads would want their kids to be an architect or an engineer and perhaps the best start for that is to familiarize kids with the equipment and vehicles used in this kind of industry or field.

So, our toys for today are the Construction Vehicles.  This is not just an ordinary or plastic construction vehicle but this is a diecast and when we say diecast it is made of metal.  Not entirely all are made from metal but most of it are metals and it is molded as replica of the real ones.  It is the miniature of big ones.

Again for a start if you have children below three (3) years old better not let them play with it alone or to be much more safe don't let them play with this kind of toys.  Few things could happen if you let them play with it like the list below:

  • Wheels are small parts that may detach from the vehicle so these are considered hazardous as it may choke kids if accidentally swallowed.
  • Since these toys are metals, these can be dangerous because kids three (3) years old below loves to sway toys around and worst throw them that might hit people or appliances in the house.  

Our Construction Vehicles for today are the Payloader and the Dump Truck.  At first I thought the Payloader and the Bulldozer are the same but thanks to a friend I was reminded that it is not.  Payloader are the Construction Equipment that scoops sands and soils to put into the Dump Truck or into other places.  Our Payloader Toy shows some of the detailed parts of the construction vehicles.  The scoop and the wheels are made of plastic and the rest are made of metals.  I just don't know why most construction vehicles are colored yellow but perhaps it is much easier to notice.

The next once is the Dump Truck or much more called as the Articulated Dump Truck.  According to a friend who's into this kind of machines, the articulated ones have more control on wheels to give them more freedom to move around.  Unfortunately we couldn't see this articulated matters here on our toy, though our Dump Truck shows a replica of the real ones.  The carrier can be moved to unload what its carrying.  The carrier and the rest of the truck is made of metal except for the wheels.

All in all these kind of toys are for kids with the right age or for the feeling kiddo this is one good collection.

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