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Friday, May 23

Friday Toys: Dragon Booster

For our weekender toy we are featuring the toy version of the Dragon Booster. Not really sure when was this animated TV series aired in Philippine television but I managed to have seen it before that’s why I've known the character. For some who've already seen the animated series, it is about dragons and a certain character named Artha. They are racers by day and dragon boosters by night that fights evil. The dragon is named as Beau. It is really common that animated series or even movies are being immortalized in action figures, like the one that we are featuring now. For kids having one of this makes them feel that they are part of the world of that character.
Now let’s go to the action figure itself. It is made of the usual materials, PVC plastic. The dragon, Beau have three detachable parts, the wings, the tail, and the saddle where Artha rides on. For the action figure Artha he also got detachable parts like the arms and legs plus the hair which can be changed into a helmet. Too bad, the hair and the helmet were already lost which leaves me with a baldy Artha action figure.

One leg of Beau the dragon is interconnected with the head and the jaw which makes him like a snapping turtle that snaps whenever the leg part is moved. The rest of the legs can be moved and changed position. The tail be twisted and the best part Artha can ride at the saddle.
This action figure is highly not recommended for ages three years old and below due to some small parts that may cause choking. It’s better safe than sorry. A parent to parent advice just always be there whenever they are playing to guide them and to assist them. Things happens when we least expect it.
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