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Saturday, May 31

Daddy Day Care: Another Round of the #SigeSabado Activity

Weekend once again and as for today we are sharing another #SigeSabado activity that me and kids did. In our previous #SigeSabado we’ve already planted mongo seeds, created a harlequin mask, designed a pen holder, and made our very slime. It was all fun activities done with the kids and they loved it very much and of course while Mommy is taking pictures of us doing the crafts.

So as promised here are some of the other activities that we’ve done to make weekend a lot better to enjoy and exciting to look forward to. What are the other activities that we did? Well we have made this…

We had the T-Shirt dyed which is great when we let the shirts dries. Unfortunately something went wrong with our works because when the shirts were put into the laundry the dye colors wears off. Anyway we will do that again my way as what I’ve done before.
 The next one was the egg shape for bathing session where there’s a dragon inside the egg. This is used to enjoying bathing with the kids. When the egg melts down it will reveal a dinosaur toy.
Then what most kids love most, the chocolate design your own. Who wouldn’t love to play with chocolates and later on eat it. Yes there was a real block of chocolate that needs to be melted down and poured into a container. Then have whatever design that you can think of.

These are some more of the suggested activities of the #SigeSabadoPlayBox for the #SigeMoms and of course for the #SigeDads as well. If you find this cool to enjoy with the kids just do it and surprised them with these activities.

What more can you suggest for a fun weekend activity with the kids?
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