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Saturday, June 14

Daddy Day Care: Baby Blast 5 With The Kids

Like what happened last year, the event was really fun and the kids enjoyed the day.  Though this year Daddy Yashiro's Journal wasn't part of the online media partner of Baby Blast, still we are thankful that we were able to partake in this event.  Learned quite some more together with the kids.

This year, as Baby Blast goes on their 5th year of great activities for the kids and for the rest of the family, their commitment of shares information for the well being of the babies and kids is their main thrust.  As their themed for 2014 Go, Grow and Glow we just have learned that Mommies who are pregnant should really eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables as the juices are sipped and tasted by babies inside the womb.  So at this rate babies learned to taste the flavor of these fruits and vegetables.

Another thing that we learned is that kids nowadays are getting more into video games, TV and on the internet which is really not good for their health so parents should encourage their kids to have at least some few hours of play and mingling with other kids outside of the house everyday.  They should also have adequate exercise every day but parent should also take note not to overdo their kids with lots of extra-curricular activities.

Aside from the talks from the experts there were plenty of activities that not only kids can enjoy but the Moms and Dads too.  Baby Blast "Fun-O-Lympics" seeks to spread awareness of Early Head Start (EHS) education, a comprehensive infant and toddler program, using various games and activities for the entire family.
The Baby Blast 5 is made to happen in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare and Development and Philippine Pediatrics Society.  The event happened at the Activity Center of Trinoma Mall.

Here are some of the photos that we had during the event proper.

So, did you went to the Baby Blast 5 event?  If you are, hope you could simply share what you've experienced.

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