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Sunday, June 1

Daddy Day Care: McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop Grand Graduation

Remember that we featured here in Daddy Yashiro’s Journal the summer activity of McDonald’s which is the McDo Kiddie Crew Workshop where both of our kids experienced a day of what will happen in the workshop? Well, those who’ve participated in the workshop have finally finished the program. The kids who joined the McDo Kiddie Crew workshop numbered close to 50,000 and they all had a fun summer experience.

Like all classes that ends it always ends up with a bang and for the McDo Kiddie Crew Workshop thousands of kids together with their families from different parts of the Philippines celebrated the end of the workshop through a series of grand graduation. Yes, all the participants of the workshop experienced a grand graduation presented by none other than Ronald McDonald himself, the Chief Happiness Officer. The celebration took place in major key cities such as Pampanga, Bacolod, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao and lastly in Metro Manila.

For the Metro Manila leg celebration, which is the last of the grand graduation, happened in World Trade Center. It is not just one day but two days just to accommodate all the participants who joined within Metro Manila. Since we were there during the launch of the McDo Kiddie Crew workshop we were invited once again in the said graduation. The kids, Gelo and Maki, saw how it was like graduating from the workshop. Maybe next year both of them will be joining the workshop as well.
The celebration started with booth activities for the kids and the whole family such as face painting, photo booth, toy bazaars and exciting games at the soldiers camp, doctor’s clinic and teacher’s booth, to name a few. Then followed by the program proper where they featured awesome performances by Ronald and the Gang and guest performers. Kids showed the moves they learned during the Workshop which was lead by Ronald McDonald which is called the Ronald Dance.
During the program, our kids were very delighted to see that both of them were featured in some of the photos in the presentation of the kids who participated in the McDo Kiddie Crew workshop, even though they only have experienced it in a day. The camera man must have adored them very much! Who wouldn’t, especially the youngest as he was one of the youngest and cutest kiddie crew.
The program was hosted by Ms. Jackielou Blanco and Atom Araullo and was joined by Dimples Romana together with her daughter Callie who joined also the Kiddie Crew Workshop for the second year. The program was truly a big bang celebration.

To let also know what the kids have learned from the workshop there were presentation of some of the real life heroes like the teacher, fireman, doctor and engineer which they also presented the core values that a kiddie crew should have learned. These are Responsibility, Hard Work, Team Work, Discipline and lastly Sharing.
The program ended with the Kiddie Crew graduates’ oath taking, cap toss and everyone sang the Kiddie Crew Anthem entitled “Make Things Happen” with pride and happiness. It was ended a momentous event not only for the kids but the parents as well. The grand graduation halls were filled with applauses and confetti as everyone came together for a truly memorable celebration!
This year’s grand graduation theme also celebrates the hero within our Kiddie Crew members as this year’s workshop introduced the fifth kiddie crew value formation topic – sharing. Kids, through their parents or guardians were encouraged to share their blessings by contributing to the Kiddie Crew Coin Bank wherein proceeds will be used to help build Bahay Bulilit for kids in Tacloban, Leyte and Tubigon, Bohol. McDo Bahay Bulilit is a flagship program under McDonald’s charity of choice, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), that serves as a day care center for learning and playing for the less fortunate kids. This program is in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) that facilitates the activities in the day care center.

Now on its 22nd year, the Kiddie Crew Workshop has been a heritage program unique to McDOnald’s Philippines aiming to provide an enjoyable summer experience for kids. “Kiddie Crew Workshop is part of our commitment to become first choice for Filipino families as we hope to be a partner of parents and guardians in developing their kids holistically. Year on year, we are pleased to see kids joining, enjoying the activities and learning values that we think are important as they grow. More so, we are happy that more kids are saying ‘I’m a proud McDonald’s Kiddie Crew graduate!” shared by McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO Kenneth Yang.

Hopefully next year the kids will be joining the crew! If you want to know more about the Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation moments visit their list of social media or their Twitter and Instagram @mcdo_ph.

So, did your kids joined this year’s McDo Kiddie Crew workshop? Share your experiences here.
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