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Monday, June 2

Monday Rush: Flows of Ideas and Thoughts

Mondays for most of the working class is a bad day. This is the start of the week and start of another stressful days but for some this is the start of a brand new week with exciting things to do. This is the day where you’re supposed to be flowing with creative juices because your body just recently rejuvenated and relaxed from the fun weekend that you have or had.

The rush of ideas flows through like having the business opportunity knocks in. Listing down the things what should be done and what are the things that needs to be done in order to have these ideas materialize right in front of me. It was a rush indeed and for me it's a rare thing to happen on a Monday.  If you’re having rush of ideas like this, well all you need to do is have it write down on your notebook or a piece of paper. Yes writing it down will help you remember it and of course will give you a guide of what you want to accomplish. 

Ideas are great when done and executed properly. Just like other known personalities in different fields they made their ideas put into writing first to keep them on track.

So, how about you what do you when you have a rush of ideas?
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