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Sunday, June 8

Spartan Kids Race 2014, Kids Getting Active and Fit

Okay Moms and Dads this is not about the Spartans war in the movie 300 but this is quite interesting as it is about a war on getting fit.  So Daddy Yashiro's Journal shares this event to all interested Moms, Dads, kids and individuals out there in the US who would like to know and experience what Spartan Race is all about.  Yes, this activities happens in the US and actually the Spartan Race is more for adults who's into great adventure and on to getting fit.  An event that requires more stamina, toughness, and endurance.  But we're not focusing much about the adult activities but more with the Spartan Kids Race.

Spartan Kids Race aims to inspire children to develop a love for fitness at an early age.  What's even great is that this race for kids have obstacle course appropriate for a certain age.  Race venues and arenas allow participants to build confidence while enjoying a robust outdoor three-dimensional setting.  There are races for children age four (4) to thirteen (13) and they are separated into two age groups the "Jr. Spartan Kids" with an obstacle course intended for kids four (4) to eight (8) years old and about half-mile in length and the other one is the "Varsity Spartan Kids" that are intended for older Spartan Kids aged nine (9) to thirteen (13) years old.
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So, what will each child get from this race aside from the confidence and an early love for fitness?  Well each child participating to this race will receive a T-shirt and Finisher's Medal.  100% of the proceeds from Sparta Kids race benefit the Kids Fit Foundation, a leader in the movement to help children learn life-long health and fitness habits, the Kids Fit Foundation strives to raise awareness and develop programs that educate, empower and inspire kids to become and stay fit.

Why have an activity like this?  Today a typical child devotes an average 7.5 hours each day to entertainment media; TV, video games, cell phones and movies.  Thus, lessening the the physical activity of the child and as result obesity and other illnesses occurs.   With Spartan Kids Race challenges children can learn about fitness, control weight, build lean muscle, reduce fat and develop strong bones.  More importantly kids can have fun and inherent camaraderie

Spartan Races are about building a healthy and active community of people and Spartan Kids Race allow the organizers help in building a stronger families, a foundation for all vibrant communities.

I just hope that Reebok can have this Spartan Kids Race locally in the Philippines.  I will definitely let my kids join if Reebok Philippines will organize something like this.

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