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Thursday, July 24

4 Ideas To Keep Kids Off From TV and Tablets

One of the problems of parents today is how they will keep their kids off from TVs, tablets, and video games. Kids nowadays are getting more involved in these entertainment devices. Honestly I’m also a culprit of letting the kids play games and watch TV for the reason that there are times that I want them to be quiet and behave for a few hours. As a result I’m having a hard time keeping them off from the TV and tablet games.

In one of the events for babies and kids that we've attended I've learned that kids should have an adequate amount of exercise and movement in a day. That’s why they need to have some outdoor activities. Not only that they get to have some exercise but they will also learn how to socialize with other kids.

Dad is learning it the hard way. I've learned that “too much of anything is bad” and this entertainment devices is good for some time but can actually make things worse when done in continuous period of time. So to cut this unhealthy activity I've learned some activities that we parents can initiate and enjoy with the kids. This can make a good balance of the kids routine.

  1. Encourage your kids to have a morning exercise with you. We all need to have exercised and by becoming a role model for our kids that helps a lot.
  2. Let your kids play outside and mingle with other kids. Some few hours of letting your kids play and mingle with other kids boost their self esteem and of course make them more sociable.
  3. Have a role play with the kids. This builds more of their imagination and of course more parent and child bonding moment. Have a schedule of time for them to watch TV or play games on tablets. This helps in cutting down the kids' time spent in watching TV and playing video games.
  4. If there are parks near your house always have a walk or a jog with them. This helps not only the kids but we, parent, too. 

So, these are just some of the activities that we, parents, can enjoy with the kids to keep them off from having more time with TV and tablets.

Do you have any more suggestions? Hope you could share it here.
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