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Friday, July 18

Friday Toys: Gendace Of Gundam Age

Robots! I know most of the Dads would definitely let their kids enjoy the company of robot toys. Yes, there are plenty of robot toys and some of them have already been an icon, not only in the essence of being a toy but as one of the favorite animated TV series too. I remember some of them when I was a child, Macross, Transformers, Daimos, and Voltes V. I recall that I would always go home early in the afternoon just to watch this TV series. All of them are in 2D and these animated TV series were still called cartoons that time.

I really enjoyed my days with robots. Too bad I don’t have any toy robots to pass on to my kids but anyway it is not yet late to start collecting toy robots and with that here’s one for a start. We got this as a giveaway from one of the events that we've attended. This is a not so very complex toy but the problem with it is that it really needs parents’ supervision when constructing and assembling. There are some small parts and some are brittle that they might break it when removing. So what’s this toy? Well it is name is Gendace from the anime entitled Gundam Age.

I've been a fan of Gundam Series and I really love how the robots here are created and of course the stories. Note that watching these series needs parental guidance because some stories are really not for kids. The Gendace robot series that we got is a regular model toy. It got a block box included and place inside when assembled and I don’t know its use but I think there’s unit in Japan, I think, that reads its data on it and then you can play it. Too bad that thing isn't available here in the Philippines. When assembled the Gendace robot only got three moving parts, the head, and the two arms which makes few poses. It doesn't have any gun with it or anything to hold with its close hands. Kids and Kids-at-heart can play with it.

Of course I still encourage parental guidance when kids are playing and assembling complex toys like this. Let’s all be safe. So, what robot toys you have for your kids?
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