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Saturday, August 9

Daddy Day Care: Dora’s Best Friends Picnic

It was an afternoon without the sun, an extra ordinary picnic with Dora’s Best Friends happened at the SM Megamall Event Center. Little Nicksters like my kids enjoyed their day on this picnic event. It was a fun-tastic learning and playing with the family and fellow Dora the Explorer fans. Yes my kids are also a fan of Dora. Vamonos amigos!
Just right before the event my kids was able to watch some of the episodes of Dora and Diego on the internet. I think they were able to watch it more than 20 times already. I think my ears were already numb with the theme song of the two animated series. So, when the day of the event my kids were very much familiarized with the characters Dora, Diego and the rest of the friends.
When we got to the venue it was literally jampacked. There are lots of kids and parents roaming around the activity area. The place wasn’t that big so parents, kids and visitors need to make excuses when moving around. There were plenty of booths to visit and I think we visited most of them, of course most especially the food area. There were challenging games for the kids where they can earn prizes and for our kids well we really got some cool prizes. As expected loom bands are one of the prize giveaways.

Of course the picnic day wouldn’t be complete without Dora and friends. They’ve performed a special dance number for the kids and everyone loved it. After the show there was also greet and meet with Dora plus a chance to take a photo with them.

Nickelodeon’s Dora’s Best Friends Picnic is presented by Alaska NutriBuild 345 and co-sponsored by Purefoods Fun Stuff Nuggets and Zesto Juice Drink, and official venue partner SM Megamall.

As what would Dora say in Spanish, “Adios Amigos!”

So how about you, how was your weekend with the kids?

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