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Monday, December 15

Monday Rush: 9 Things To Know Before Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary

This is not the usual Monday Rush that we have here today in Daddy Yashiro's Journal. It's a very personal matter because my fatherhood journey with the kids wouldn't be complete without the day of our very important day, our union, our marriage. Yes today is our Wedding Anniversary. With the busy schedules that we have there are things that I thought will go according to plan for a surprise, unfortunately, things get a little bit forgetful. I forgot my piece and couldn't make my every hour post of the Nine (9) Things To Know Before Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary. The photo teaser was posted but the rest will just have to be posted here.

So here are the list of things that me and my wife should know and of course remember, especially today. But before anything else I would like to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my beloved wife Angie of Nine (9) years of mixed emotions, trials and everything, we do pray to have a zero (0) next to that.

9 Things To Know Before Celebrating Our 
Wedding Anniversary

  1. You got 9 seconds to remember the feeling of walking on the isle.
  2. You've been there through thick and thin for the whole 9 years of our married life. Good, bad or worse as long as we're together the number is irrelevant.
  3. You got a very loving husband with a size 9.... that fits exactly where it should be.
  4. You've carried our babies 9 months, though the youngest is less than 9, in your womb with love and care. Too bad the doctor has to do a C section on your white, soft and delicate tummy.
  5. The birth month of your sweet and loving husband is on the 9th month of the year.
  6. It took me more than 9 months of courtship just to get an answer of “NO”.
  7. I got 9 words for you - “I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, DON'T EVER FORGET THAT!”
  8. It took you 9 months before calling me with an endearment of “MY LOVES” The previous months were “PARDS”
  9. We may not agree in many ways but our Nine (9) long years of marriage keeps us together and going strong. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

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