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Saturday, August 30

A Dad Learning More of Isabelo Tampinco’s Works

I’m a fan of arts and culture and learning that there are other artist who’s been great in the past but was not given enough credit in the limelight of history is saddening. In my understanding arts is the manifestation of our culture and it is the reflection of our heritage. Present inhabitants may not know the culture in the past but through arts this idea can get vivid enough to understand the ways in the previous era or generation. It’s a great honor for a fan and a dad like me to learn more of Isabelo Tampinco’s works through the book authored by Dr. Santiago Albano Pilar.

Thursday, August 28

Our Trio Blog Giveaway 2 Winners

Announcing our Trio Blog Giveaway 2 winners!  As we have mentioned in our mechanics before, one lady winner and one gentleman winner. Both of the prizes will be shipped to them once we have completed the details.

Monday, August 11

Enjoy An Exciting Family Day at the Banana Peel Family Fun Ville

Calling all Dads and Moms out there!  This is one of a kind weekend to enjoy with the whole family. The event will happen this coming August 17, 2014 at the Midtown Atrium, Robinsons Place Manila. Fun things awaits us all.

Saturday, August 9

Daddy Day Care: Dora’s Best Friends Picnic

It was an afternoon without the sun, an extra ordinary picnic with Dora’s Best Friends happened at the SM Megamall Event Center. Little Nicksters like my kids enjoyed their day on this picnic event. It was a fun-tastic learning and playing with the family and fellow Dora the Explorer fans. Yes my kids are also a fan of Dora. Vamonos amigos!

Friday, August 8

More Family Bonding At Lancaster New City

Family! For Dads, like me, we always look out for the best for our family. We make sure to provide what they need like food, education, nurture, love and shelter. And speaking of shelter, my family lives in a land area half of 54 square meters. The other half is where my parents live. Perhaps we’ve inherited the Filipino trait of close-family ties, making more family bonding moments together.
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