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Wednesday, January 21

It's Our First Time To Watch Disney On Ice

Okay this story may tingle you to laugh at me and I don't mind if you laugh because it's the truth and nothing but the truth. But the good thing is that we're a family experiencing our firsts. Yup! All I'm about to write and all the things you'll be reading here are all first for us. It's our first time to watch Disney On Ice!

Yes, yes, yes, it may sound girly but yes we did watch Disney On Ice at Smart Araneta Coliseum. And take note it is also our first time to get inside and watch at Araneta. That's definitely a trivia for Daddy Yashiro!
For so many concerts and events held in Araneta this Daddy is a loser in getting an Araneta experience but thanks to my wife's blog,, she was able to score some tickets for the Disney On Ice show for the whole family courtesy of Magnolia Chocolait. So, it's a fulfillment and a strike out on my list of places to be with. Since I wasn't able to shout at the coliseum I'll just shout it here "THANK YOU ARANETA!" for the experience, though it was a show for kids. Anyway I'm still considered kids-at-heart.
The show is still part of the 2014 Disney On Ice and dubbed as Dare to Dream. The tickets that we got was the last of the show. The show runs from December 25, 2014 up to January 4, 2015. To my amaze there are still a lot of parents and kids did watch the show.
When the show started, the kids were in awe. This is our first time to watch so we were all eager and attentive in watching the show. Our youngest, Gelo, who seemed to be unable to see the show clearly suddenly stand up and made himself comfortable by leaning to his mom's back. While our eldest, Maki, was a little talkative about the stories in the show as he has already watch some plays with similar stories. By the way the stories played were Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Rapunzel. It was a great show and the kids surely enjoyed it. We were supposed to have a meet and greet with the cast but unfortunately my wife needs to go to the CR and was caught up with the long line. So in other words we missed the meet and greet. Anyway perhaps next time if we get a chance again.
First event of the year, first time in Araneta and first time to watch Disney On Ice. I think firsts marks a great year for us. So to everyone Happy New Year!

How about you have you watched Disney On Ice in Araneta?

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