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Monday, February 9

Ten Things I've Learned Being A Parent Part I

I've posted this list before but wasn't able to fully describe each learning. So for now we'll be expounding it further for other parents and parents to be to peek what's in store for them. Again this is what I've learned and hopefully others may learn more as they experiences with their kids progresses.

It's not easy having kids but the return of seeing them grow, laugh, and do stuff with you is a fulfilling experience. They are truly God's gift!

  1. You Are Not Alone – Parents or parents to be often forget about this. Once you became a parent you should consider your babies or kids. I know that you have been single for a long time so it’s about time that you know that you have your baby or kid with you. When you sleep don’t sleep as if you’re still a single. Make sure that your baby or your kid is well and sound asleep. One more thing, make sure to check on them once in a while. They do get rock and rolling and falling in bed sometimes.

  2. Patience Is A Virtue – Parents should be patience with their kids. I know teaching kid is really hard because I’ve been there. All you need is to be patience and understanding when teaching them. Always make sure to repeat everything. It really pays off when you see your kids learn thing that you’ve thought.

  3. Boss And Leadership – Around the house parents are the boss and parents should exercise good leadership. Always impose discipline, love, respect, and God to your kids. In that way they’ll look up into you as someone they can hold and depend on. So at least in the house you’re the boss!

  4. Health Is Wealth – From babies to kids they all catch cold, fever, and other kind of sickness. So when your babies says hello to the world make sure that they get all the vaccines and protection that they need. It is better to prevent than to cure. So if all in the family are all healthy then it is really your wealth because you don’t have to spend money to cure those sicknesses.

  5. Save More, Spend Less – Singles often think the opposite of it, spend more and save less but now that you’re a parent it is important to take note of the phrase. Having a family really requires financial stability. But in reality most parents are just making a budget out of whatever earnings they have. To at least address the problem is to make a priority list. Buy first those important things. If it is not part of the plan don’t buy it.

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