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Tuesday, April 7

Daddy Yashiro Got A New Soap For The Kids, the Personal Collection’s White Dove Baby Milk Soap

Okay it isn’t Daddy Day Care yet but will definitely come to that soon and with that the kids got something from their Mom which she got from Personal Collection. Yes, Personal Collection got something new with their line of products and take note these for the kids. So, in other words Daddy Yashiro got a new soap to use for the kids during their bath time and it is the Personal Collection’s White Dove Baby Milk Soap.

Since these products are for babies, it isn’t bothersome to take a look at it and read the details that it got on their packaging. According to Personal Collection’s White Dove Baby Milk Soap the product got a germ protection formula that is intended for baby’s sensitive and delicate skin. It is clinically proven to mildly yet effectively wash away germs and bacteria while cleansing baby’s skin through SKINergy Active Formula (SAF). This is not the SAF things that you read on the news. Okay.

As we go on reading here are more information that we got from White Dove Baby Milk Soap. Baby Skin is thinner and more delicate than adult skin that is why it is less resistant to germs and bacteria. Babies need a gentle yet effective soap that provides extra protection against bacteria such as P.aeruginosa, S. aureus, E. coli and C. albicans that cause disease and infection.

Dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic, White Dove Baby Milk Soap is also the only baby soap with 4-in-1 Care & Protection as it cleanses, moisturizes, shields skin from germs, and protects against odor. It also contains pure and natural milk protein extract to nourish baby’s skin and prevent dryness. With White Dove Baby Milk Soap, babies stay clean and protected all day.
The White Dove Baby Milk Soap also goes with its other care line products that Mommies and Daddies can use for their babies like the White Dove Baby Oil, White Dove Shampoo, White Dove Baby Wash, White Dove Baby Powder, White Dove Baby Lotion, White Dove Baby Cologne and White Dove Kids Cologne.

As mentioned earlier this will definitely another great bath time for our Daddy Day Care. So better watch out for our post.

To clarify things we don’t sell the products we just wanted to share it to Moms and Dads who are looking for some baby care products that they can use for their babies but of course be mindful if you’re babies are okay with the products. So if you want to know more about them you can visit their website at or follow their social media accounts Facebook, Twitter (@pcdsiofficial ) and Instagram (@pcdsiofficial).

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