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Friday, April 10

Daddy Yashiro Sees The New Side of Pampers, Celebrating Baby's First With New Pampers Baby Dry and Pampers FirstBook

For more than five years, we have been on the call for fair and equivalent treatment for Dads. Remember the Pampers ad case that we have posted before, it was really a bad portrayal of Dads but recently during in an event which I was encouraged to attend to by my beloved wife, I got see the new face of Pampers with their baby's firsts campaign.

In one of their ads during the event shows now that fathers are more involved and not the lazy ones that is portrayed before. This by the way helps me understand more about the product and their newest application. I'm not against about the product but I'm against about how Fathers are being portrayed.

For parents, yes you... both of you, who are having your first babies Pampers Baby Dry and the First Book is best for you. The all-new Pampers Baby Dry is just right for babies in achieving their their complete sleep and 12 hours of comfort helps attain that sleep. With the help of Pampers Magic Gel it locks in the wetness and keeping the diapers dry as babies' sleep overnight. And since babies' got the complete sleep development follows in which they get to do their firsts and moms plus dads can eagerly document that milestones in an application created by Pampers. Just log on to

To give you more insight on what happened during the event. It was hosted by Ms. Geli Victor, who is by the way a first time mom, and also they introduced their newest endorser Ms. Andi Manzano-Reyes, who is an expecting mom and according to her during the event that it is her term already and any time soon she'll be giving birth. To prove the dryness of the All-New Pampers Baby Dry, they conducted actual test with the water equivalent to a 12 hour wetness of babies. Together, Ms. Geli Victor and Ms. Andi Manzano-Reyes participated in the test. Still with its Magic Gel, the All-New Pampers Baby Dry really locks in the wetness which shows in the test. Another test, was the elasticity of the Stretchy Tapes of the All-New Pampers Baby Dry. It really adapts to the baby's shape and movements.

According to Ms. Jan Ang, Country and Marketing Manager of P&G Distributing (Phils), Inc. “Pampers believes that all babies should have a night of complete sleep with Pampers Baby Dry and a good night's sleep means a happy and healthy development.”

Just like every new day is different, every baby's firsts is unique too. Pampers invites moms to celebrate and share baby's special moments of firsts with loved ones and other moms on Pampers FirstBook, because these precious firsts are signs that baby is growing and developing,” she added.
So, what did I learned from the event, well it gives me a new perception about their campaign and past is past and it is time to move on.

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