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Tuesday, April 14

Ten Things I've Learned Being A Parent Part II

Sorry for the long gap before posting the second half of the Things I've Learned, got too busy on the other blog Kwento Ni Toto. So, enough with the long flowery beds of words and lets get it on with the next half.
  • 6. Walk Your Talk – We parents are the role model of our babies and kids. They look up unto us and watches all that we do and kids are very keen observers so they’ll imitate whatever things we do. To make sure that our babies and kids obey us let us try to do appropriate things. Don’t say yes when you mean no and don’t say no when you mean yes.
  • 7. Watch Your Step – Literally always watch your step because you’ll never know when you’ll stumble with you babies or kids. Babies and kids love to crawl and play around so if you’re not watchful and mindful of your surroundings you might step on to your children and have a bad accident.
  • 8. Read Your Food – Since babies have a very sensitive stomach always make sure to check on the labels and contents of the food you’re giving them. You might give the food for three years old instead of a one year old. Also always check the expiry dates of the foods before giving them to your kids. Like what I've mentioned before 'health is wealth' so it is better being cautious and preventive.
  • 9. Time Is Gold – I know being a parent really eats up most of our time. Sometimes or should I say most often that we rarely get a good and sound rest because of taking care of the babies or the kids. Don’t complain about this it’s good that you’re taking care of your kids. Just be sure to make every moment memorable just like a precious stone. Time flies so fast and the next thing you know your babies or kids are teenagers then. So be sure to enjoy your time with them.
  • 10. Let’s Play – You don’t have to punish yourself of the daily chores or the routine of taking care of your kids. Find ways that you can both have fun and enjoy. At least by doing this you can relax and rest for a while though you’re having a great time with your baby or kid.
Raising babies and kids is tiresome and demanding but seeing them love you is just priceless. To get your way with parenting atleast consider these ten things so that you life wouldn’t be miserable as you thought it is. Babies and kids are fun. All you need are imaginations and guides to push through.
If you still want to know more try to read more books and articles about babies and kids. Equip yourself more knowledge about parenting, babies, kids and other stuff. Or you can simple click through the internet and find other reading materials.

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