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Friday, May 15

Daddy Yashiro and Kids Experienced Jollibee’s Jollitown Funtasy Land

Blogging your experience is one interesting way to reminisce memories with your family and friends, in my case it is with my family. I really love seeing our kids having fun and enjoying their time to the max. Another great thing about being a blogger is the perks that you get and also the VIP attention as well. One of the events that our family did enjoyed very much is the Jollibee’s Jollitown Funtasy Land.

Sunday, May 10

Our Special Video This Happy Mother's Day

Great day for Moms! Yes and this is their special day. So yesterday the kids and I got busy sorting out pics of our Mommy to put together in this special video that we've made for her. 

We've greeted her already and to all the moms out there from Daddy Yashiro and the kids we're extending our greetings, Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 7

A More Child-Friendly Use of Computer

If I recall it right I have already created an article about internet browsers that are intended for children to keep them off from landing on sites not for kids. And of course I did use that with my kids and it worked out perfectly. Unfortunately I am now using a different operating system on my netbook and also using tablet devices so they are vulnerable for the kids to land on sites not intended for them. So, one of my friend sent me this information and they are calling all computer savvy parents to have a peek of this BETA version that is going to be released soon. is soon to be released on Windows store and it is an app that provides security system for parents to oversee their children's activity on the computer. This has never before been offered for the Windows platform.

Sunday, May 3

Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather, Who Will It Be?

Okay this Dad is really eager to watch this “Fight of the Century”’ between two of the greatest boxing legends of all time, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and it is all set today May 3. Boxing analysts, athletes, and fanatics, including celebrities are placing their ‘bets’ on their choices in the upcoming fight and as of the moment everyone are saying that this going to be a close fight.

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