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Thursday, May 7

A More Child-Friendly Use of Computer

If I recall it right I have already created an article about internet browsers that are intended for children to keep them off from landing on sites not for kids. And of course I did use that with my kids and it worked out perfectly. Unfortunately I am now using a different operating system on my netbook and also using tablet devices so they are vulnerable for the kids to land on sites not intended for them. So, one of my friend sent me this information and they are calling all computer savvy parents to have a peek of this BETA version that is going to be released soon. is soon to be released on Windows store and it is an app that provides security system for parents to oversee their children's activity on the computer. This has never before been offered for the Windows platform.

The idea for this App was created by a parent of two young children with multiple Windows-based computers in their home. He struggled himself to monitor his children’s computer activities, and imagined creating a platform that would allow him to decide which programs and activities his children could access on their home computers. With over 200 million copies of Windows 8 sold, the software is now a central part of more than 1.5 billion people around the word. Unfortunately, the Windows platform is missing a critical safety measure for percentage of its customers.

Ryan Saville, founder of wanted to solve the issue: “We need a simple solution that will protect our children when using tools like the Windows Store. I enjoy my kids playing on the computer, I just want to have better control on what they see and do.”

Thus was born, both out of necessity but also out of need. will be the first software of its kind focused on providing a ‘Kiddie Lock’ lock for parents. Saville states: “Imagine a clean white interface, showing large icons with a simple timer that counts down and locks after a certain time period, giving peace of mind back to parents but still allowing our little ones to still grow their necessary computer skills.” In the future the company expects the software to be subscription similar to an antivirus.
Microsoft has established a “Family Mode” within the platform allowing you to block or allow specific websites where as wants to provide a ‘security blanket’ over the entire operating system allowing parents to just show the icons or educational games you want your child to use.

Presently, the company is searching for parents that want to become BETA testers to help trial this new software the registration is open till May 21st, 12:00 PM. Visit to join the BETA test.

So moms and dads what are you waiting for become a BETA tester now!

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