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Sunday, June 21

Blessings of Being A Dad This Father's Day

Being a Dad is hard and most of us knows that. Waking up in the middle of the night to fix milk for the baby or to change the diaper because it's filled with popo or just to sing a lullaby to make your sweet little angels fall sleep again. It's hard and yes it's very tiring, but you know what? All of these are nothing because the joy of being a Dad has just begun.

I remember one lesson that I've learned from my friend, adviser, and ninong, things always happen because of a reason. You need to experience sadness to realize the meaning of happiness and you need to know sorrow to understand the reason of your joy. It all comes in yin and yang, a balance for everything.

After those groggy nights of waking up and tending to the needs of the baby there's always the joy and exciting part of it, seeing the babies and kids smile back at you with intriguing reactions. Kissing and hugging you when you come home and hearing the the three words "I love you". It's just a rare moment for Dads because we always tends to the needs of our family but there's always a moment to cherish and to enjoy. There's always a reason why you need to do things for your kids and you'll reap it at the right time and at the right moment.

Today is a very special day for all DADS, a day to give honor for the hard work of all DADS. For keeping the family and for tending to all the needs!


Speaking of blessings, there are blessings that just came to our house and given right before Father's Day and I would like to thank you to all for these wonderful blessings.

For JACK 'N JILL for sending a box of Chik 'n Skin ni Mang Juan. The kids and I enjoyed it very much.

For KRISPY KREME with their Basketball and All-Star Doughnuts #JoyInABox. Sweet indeed.

And lastly, for ACER with their #PullitOff Smartphone Liquid Z520. Will be doing the review and will post it at


These are just some of the blessings and I'm very thankful for it.

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