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Friday, May 15

Daddy Yashiro and Kids Experienced Jollibee’s Jollitown Funtasy Land

Blogging your experience is one interesting way to reminisce memories with your family and friends, in my case it is with my family. I really love seeing our kids having fun and enjoying their time to the max. Another great thing about being a blogger is the perks that you get and also the VIP attention as well. One of the events that our family did enjoyed very much is the Jollibee’s Jollitown Funtasy Land.

Personally, I’m very thankful that Jollibee through Stratworks extended their invitation to our family, the kids really loved the activities that they did. It is really an extra sarap summer experience for them. The Jollitown Funtasy Land event was held at SMX Convention Center. Most of the Jollibee Kids Club members anticipated this wonderful event and were looking forward to seeing the whole gang of Jollibee and friends.

So what activities did our kids enjoyed inside the Jollitown Funtasy Land? Well, there are so much things to enjoy… The first that got our attention was that the whole gang was there to welcome us, the visitors. Yes Jollibe together with Hetty, Twirlie, Popo and Yum welcomed kids and parents right at the door step of venue. They are making sure everyone to have fun. The second was the Rainbow Slide where they attention fixated because of the different colors. Then they had their time at the giant inflatable Jollibee House where they slide to their extent but of course it’s a limited time only to give way for others to enjoy the facilities.

If talking of heights then perhaps our little one, Gelo, isn’t as scared as he is because he liked being placed on top of the Velcro wall of the Dingdangdong Clingers.

Then they got tablets games for the techie kids to enjoy Jollibee gamed characters. For those who were into singing, Twirlie’s Music Studio brought out the singers from these kids. There were also this Jolliphone Booth where kids get a chance for a conversation with Jollibee, the maze where there are different magical characters to have a picture with, and of course the Jollitram gives us the short ride inside the venue.

Of course aside from these attractions, Funtasy Land visitors and their families get to enjoy the langhap-sarap favorites at the food booths. There was also souvenir shop inside the venue where visitors can buy Jollibee items for remembrance.

If blogging is not your forte, you can still enjoy the Jollibee perks by register for a JKC membership at any Jollibee stores to take part in other exciting and fun-filled year-round events, celebrations and surprises from Jollibee.

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