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Monday, June 15

New Banner for Daddy Yashiro's Journal and Other New Stuff

Daddy Yashiro's Journal has been around for more than half a decade already and just recently, though we didn't celebrate it big, it reached its seventh year. Seven years of fatherhood adventure, seven years of sharing stories, seven years of meeting other people, and seven years of great thoughts about life. Seven years is indeed a number and we're moving onwards, though I've been on and off with this blog the goal is still much the same, I want to share more life stories and lessons others, specifically to Dads.

In every situation, there's always the need to grow up and develop. There are things that requires change, progress and evolution whether it is personal or from your daily routine as long as it is for the good. So in order to level up things me and this blog will be having a personal challenge, putting myself to the limit of how far can I go just to make this blog informative enough to people.  Part of the challenge that I'll be doing is to bring back the segments that this blog have. Making it more active again.

  • Monday Rush
  • Tuesday Parenting
  • Friday Toys
  • Daddy Day Care

In addition we will be having additional segments like...

  • Weekend Poetry - where I'll be showcasing my poetic talent. 
  • Daddy Tips and Tricks - where I'll be searching the net and share practical solution to different problems.
  • Daddy Thoughts - where I'll be interviewing random Dads about a certain topics. 

This is just some of the leveling up of things that I wanted to share on this blog. So better help me pray to make this things happen. For a better future of DaddyHood!

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