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Thursday, January 14

When The Clock Strikes 12

It's been a while since I update this blog with something to read for our followers and readers. I know it's a bad habit developing and it should be cut off. So just right before I fire away some of the post that I'll be sharing soon about kids and other kids' stuff let me just share what the kids enjoyed right before and when the clock strikes 12 last New Years eve.

With all the fireworks blasting and making so much noise around us, wifey and the kids somehow get used of the fireworks sounds. While mommy is busy cooking and preparing foods for the Media Noche the kids are busy watching TV and waiting for the clock to strike 12. We even got them torotot or small trumpet-like thingy that will make noise instead of the firecrackers.
It was past eleven when wifey and I finished preparing and decorating the foods for the Media Noche and it seems that our little one, Gelo couldn't stay awake till midnight. So, in other words Gelo is fast asleep already when 2015 bids farewell and 2016 says hello to everyone. Kuya Maki made it but wasn't enthusiastic enough to make noise around the house.

It was a blessed Media Noche though there's a slight bad encounter but we're praying that God will cover us all from possible threat. God is good!

Also we got a little bit of news to everyone who follows and reads us, we now have our youtube channel. Yes we just set up the channel early of December and we already got some few vids that are ready for viewing. The channel's name is KIDS ON THE GO and we're hoping for your visit and view. Here's our welcome video on the channel.

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