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Thursday, March 3

Missing The Simple Things

When things started to get more and more out of the ordinary things you once knew you starts to forget the important things in life. Yes that's what happens when you start getting old and having more responsibilities in life. But of course there's always the finer things of it but still I want to go back to the simple things of life and simple things that I do. I don't know how but I really missed it so much.

I remember when I was a little boy while staying at my mother's home province I would simply go out at night after dinner and look at the stars, since there was nothing to do then, and then I would go back inside the house to sleep. That's my past time aside from playing with my cousins. 9 PM is already late for us that time.

I remember also the time when I was a kid that toys are much simpler. I would make cars out of tetra pack of juices or from a can with wheels cut out from unused slippers. Sometimes I would make toy robots out of worn out slippers. Kids life that time is much simpler but more time to dream and be imaginative. Distractions are much lesser.

Now that I'm all grown up and with kids I'm wondering if I could still do those simple things as I'm all occupied by the materials things needed by today's life. I missed it so much.

How about you? Do you have any things that you previously do that you missed so much that you want to have it or do it again?

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